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At Golden City Ballroom, dance is our passion,  our profession, and our life.  Dancing is everything to us, and we want you to feel like family when you come here to Golden City Ballroom to learn to dance.  Our goal is to share the joy of dance with the world one client at a time.

irina-and-vitaliyGolden City Ballroom Dance club is Dayton’s premier home for enjoyable, professional, and personal dance instruction.  Conveniently located at 721 Lyons Road in Centerville, Ohio, our Lessons are taught in an elegant and modern space specifically designed for dancing. Golden City Ballroom is equipped with over 2400 sq. ft of state-of-the-art, suspended, hardwood floor, wall to wall mirrors, multiple music systems, professional party lighting, and spacious changing rooms.  Our world class instructors and beautiful facility combine make the experience of learning to dance magical and memorable.

From the waltz and the rhumba to the tango and the foxtrot, our dance instructors make learning to dance fun.  We work you in a comfortable learning environment, taking time to teach you all the steps you’ll need to look like a pro.  Need a special dance choreographed for your wedding?  We can help with that too.  Our instructors are among the best dancers in the world, and have excelled on the global dance stage.  Regardless of age, past dance experience, or perceived level of dancing skill, if you want to learn to dance, the professionals at Golden City Ballroom Dance Studio want to teach you.

Contact us today at (937) 643-4050 and schedule your dance lessons with one of our professional instructors.

“Ballroom Dancing is our passion, our profession, and our life.”

– Vitaliy and Irina


Vitaliy Kozhev and Irina Miller are the founders and owners of Golden City Ballroom Dance Club. Originally from Russia, Vitaliy and Irina moved to the United States twelve years ago.

They began their ballroom dancing careers at very young ages in Russia. Vitaliy was twelve years old when he decided that Ballroom Dancing was what he wanted to do, and he has never wavered from this decision. Irina started Ballroom Dancing at age six, when her parents took her to dance school; and she continues dancing until this day.

Vitaliy and Irina competed in Russia, and won many Ballroom Dance competitions. In November 1999, they decided to move to the United States to experience a different way of life. As you know, living in Russia is much different from living in the United States: different language, different food, different style of living. Vitaliy and Irina made this important step to see what it is like to be in a different part of the world. Initially, they were invited to a dance studio in Sarasota, FL, where they taught and competed for three years.

They then moved to Dayton, OH and started work as dance directors at the Arthur Murray dance studio. While there, Vitaliy and Irina twice won the Arthur Murray National Dance Championship. Currently, Vitaliy and Irina are the only professional competitive Ballroom Dancers who live in Dayton, Ohio. They have represented Dayton in many Ballroom Dance competitions in the United States. They were also finalists in the United States National Ballroom Dance Competition. For several years, they represented the United States in International Ballroom Dance Competitions in Blackpool (London, England), and Bourmouth of Great Britain. Vitaliy and Irina decided to share their dance experience their way with the Dayton community. In May 2006, they opened their own ballroom dance studio.

For six years they have owned and operated the Golden City Ballroom Dance Club. During this time, Golden City Ballroom Dance Club has also organized several local Ballroom Dance Competitions. In addition, the studio has presented stage productions at the NCR Country Club, as well as the Masonic Temple Theater in downtown Dayton. In short, Vitaliy and Irina love to teach and share their passion for Ballroom Dance with their staff, and the members of the Golden City Ballroom Dance Club. Ballroom dancing is proven to make people happier, healthier, and fills an important role in their lives, no matter what country they call home.

Learn from the best!  Contact us today at (937) 643-4050 and schedule your complimentary dance lesson with one of our professional dance instructors.